Employee Benefits

Great companies are made up of great people. We help businesses of all sizes deliver first class, fit for purpose workplace pensions and employee benefits, enabling them to recruit and reward the very best.

Help your business thrive

Your employees are the heart of your business and it’s important that you’re able to attract and maintain the best possible people. We can help you deliver a well thought-out, comprehensive employee benefits scheme that sets you apart from your competitors.

Our service covers all appropriate benefits for your employees including pensions and insurance plans. We can also put in place shareholder and keyperson insurance for your own business, so that in the unfortunate event of death or illness your business and your shares are protected.

Why offer an employee benefits scheme?

A great employee benefits scheme is mutually beneficial. When done well, it can not only support the financial wellbeing of your employees but also increase staff retention and minimise taxes. Whatever size your business and whatever your requirements we can create a scheme that works for you – and one which cements your business as a truly great place to work.

Attract new talent

In a competitive market you’re more likely to attract the best talent if you have an attractive benefits package in place.

Encourage loyalty

A great benefits package can help make your employees feel valued which encourages long-term loyalty.

Reduce taxes

Not only are group pension schemes tax-efficient but all company contributions will receive tax relief against corporation tax.

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