Investment planning

Making the decision to invest your hard-earned money can be tough, especially when there’s so much jargon associated with it. We can simplify things, showing you how and why an investment strategy can get your money working for you.

Low interest rates

Historically low interest rates in recent years have resulted in very little growth for money held in savings accounts. While it’s always important to have some emergency cash funds available, you might want to consider investing to ensure your money is working as hard as possible.

A rise in inflation

Another factor that can have an impact on your money is inflation. Most savings accounts don’t grow in line with inflation, meaning your cash is essentially losing value over time. Investing your money over a medium to long-term timescale might provide you with better growth potential and therefore a better chance to beat inflation.

How we can help

Our investment advisory services are designed around achieving the best outcomes for your objectives. We’ll always start by assessing your needs,  your attitude to and capacity for risk and we will then work with you to choose an experienced investment manager to navigate the markets for you and get your money growing over time. Our solutions include:

Regular contributions savings plan

Lump sum investment plan

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