Second opinion service

Organising your personal finances can be complex at times, especially when life is busy and you don’t have time to research things fully. We find many people have picked up different arrangements along the way and they benefit from having a second set of eyes on their situation.

Let’s have a conversation

We welcome people to get in touch with us for a second opinion on their personal finances. We’ll review your current arrangements, such as life cover policies, pensions and investment portfolios, and how they’re working for you. It might be that they’re set up brilliantly as is, or they may need some adjustments to make them fit for purpose. Either way, we’ll explain in a clear and simple way and offer any recommendations where we can.

We can also have a talk about any specific financial goals you have for the future, and discuss how best to achieve them. Whether in-person or via video call, we’ll be happy to sit down, have a chat (and a coffee!) and simply offer our expert opinion. All you have to do is ask!

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